Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Top 5: Songs By The White Stripes

The White Stripes were always a band that held integrity above all else. For example, look at their reason for breaking up. It wasn't because they were sick making music together - it was to preserve the spark the band always had. This is especially respectable seeing as that continuing to tour would bring them millions of dollars. While I'm sure we all would have loved another album, they have a fairly large discography with every single album being great.

5.  Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground

Relatively early in their discography, this song proves that their back catalogue is worth looking into. While White Blood Cells did fairly well, it was its successor, Elephant, that really pushed them into the spotlight. An emotionally honest song that is simultaneously gritty and beautiful, this is certainly one of their bests.

4. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

This song has been covered by everyone from Dusty Springfield to Elvis Costello, but this version really stands out. The loud soft dynamic is exceptional - the quiet parts are really pretty and when the dirty distortion-laced guitars come in your really in for something else.

3.  Conquest

Another cover, this time of an old song made popular by Patti Page way back in the 50s. Completely different than the original, this is a testament to Jack's vision. Also, they somehow manage to make trumpets sound completely convincing in a rock song. 

2.  Blue Orchid

The lead single off Get Behind Me Satan, this song simply kicks ass. About as simple as they come, but making simple sound great is the band's strong point. The powerful repetitive guitar is really what makes this track. Undoubtedly one of their finest moments.

1. There's No Home For You Here 

A bitter look at a failed relationship, this is very emotionally charged. A very diverse song, it includes their trademark gritty blues riffs, soft parts and a raging unorthodox solo. Infectious, different and highly memorable, this is incredible. 

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