Sunday, 27 May 2012

Song of the Week: Morning Glory - The Whole World Is Watching

So I'm going to start a tradition that on every Sunday I'll post a song of the week. Accompanying the youtube video will be some words on the song, maybe just a short blurb or perhaps a more in depth critique of the song; whatever I'm feeling at the time. 

Man, this is one of my favourite punk songs of all time. It becomes pretty obvious that this song is political when it starts out with a sample of a crowd chanting the protest slogan this song is named after. The slogan is most famous for its use in anti Vietnam War protests, but has more recently been used with Occupy Wall Street. This song is quite diverse, from its catchy as hell chorus to the Sex Pistol influenced riffing, from the Beatles inspired passage near the end to the (thankfully tasteful) ska section.  One of the finer songs to come out of the Crack Rock Steady bands with members coming out of Choking Victim. 

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