Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Quick Word On The Blog's Title

If This Is Hell Then I'm Lucky's name is a tribute to the debut album of Deadboy and The Elephantmen. More than this, it is a tribute to Dax Riggs. After leaving the highly influential and somewhat undefinable sludgy metal band Acid Bath, and fronting the bizarre bluesy swamp rock outfit Agents of Oblivion, Dax Riggs went on to create a masterpiece in a vein largely unrelated to his previous bands. Whether it be these aforementioned bands or his solo work, Dax has always been a man who does what he wants, regardless of style or popularity. Always an innovator and never a blind follower, if you haven't checked out his stuff you are missing out. The album from which this blog takes its name is truly a turning point in his career, being truly expansive original and certainly not the easiest to define. Acid Bath was insane and I can certainly get down with Agents of Oblivion. Instead of continuing in his old direction and possibly growing stagnant and redundant he has chosen to experiment with new styles, sounds and ideas. Naming the blog after an album that represents a turning point in a visionary artist's career. It also doesn't hurt that the album's name is pretty fucking cool.

Anyway, heres a song off the album in which the chorus bears the release's title:

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