Sunday, 27 May 2012

If This Is Hell Then I'm Lucky: An Introduction

If This Is Hell Then I'm Lucky exposes the obscure, criminally underrated, strange and left-field and champions underground culture. Discussions of the mainstream may occasionally rear its head, but the underground stands firmly at the forefront. If This Is Hell explores new sounds, ideas and basically anything that sparks my interest or grinds my gears. Music is the backbone of this blog but anything is fair game. Posts can range from anything to a discussion on an obscure band soaked in warm psychedelia, a critique of the newest black metal band making waves in the underground, to a showcase on some little-known street artist. 

I first got my start writing music while submitting reviews to The Metal Archives in 2010, which I continue to do. These reviews can be found here. Suggestions are always welcome, as well as requests for anything you'd like me to review. If you are in a band or associated with any aspect of underground culture, feel free to ask for a review, article or an interview. You can reach me at 

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