Sunday, 15 July 2012

Song Of The Week: Living Is Suicide - Dax Riggs

"Have mercy on the devil, he's a friend of mine."

With lyrics like "Have mercy on the devil, he's a friend of mine" and "If God looked upon us it would surely leave us blind", one might expect this song to sound dark and dreary, especially considering that Dax once fronted legendary extreme metal act Acid Bath. However, the music is surprisingly upbeat. Perched carefully between singer/songwriter and rock'n'roll, this is certainly no generic formula. The songwriting here is impeccable, as it is for Dax Rigg's entire debut solo album "We Sing Only of Blood or Love." It is a vast improvement over the final Deadboy and the Elephentmen album, which seems to be the only misstep in Dax's career. 

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