Sunday, 15 July 2012

Classics: Sabac Red - A Change Gon' Come

A classic in my books, anyway. Although this is one of the best political rap albums of all time, it is criminally underrated and largely unknown to the majority of rap fans. However, Sabac has received decent coverage as member of rap group Non Phixion. This song has two version, this smoother one back by the R&B croons of Antwon Lamar Robinson as well as a remix backed by metal guitar, which is standard for albums released on Necro's Psycho-Logical label. While the R&B sining is not omitted in the remix, it is largely obscured under the distorted guitar. This is perfect, the political lyrics are witty instead of preachy. Many political artists put their worldview and lyrics before the music, but this is certainly not the case here. An instant classic, this one will (and has been) in my playlist for years to come.

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