Sunday, 24 June 2012

Song Of The Week: Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor

Dead Kennedys are one of the best (real) punk bands and also one of the best. Their music is catchy but never watered down. One problem I have with a lot of political punk bands is that their music often reads like essays. "This atrocity happened at this date and time, and this is why you should be outraged". Dead Kennedys don't play that shit. The messages their music gives is serious no doubt, but the way they get that message out is through satire. Their lyrics are funny. When bands try to shove their ideals down your throat, they often come off as preachy and standoffish. I mean some punk bands go as far as telling you your a terrible person if you eat meat. No, fuck you. I like my beef and broccoli, motherfucker.  

Anyway, this is what Dead Kennedys do best. Catchy Satire backed by awesome punk music. One of those songs that stick their way into your head and refuse to leave, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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